The Meaning of Us

The second installment to my 30 day challenge.

I’ve been asked a few times before what the meaning behind Luminance Films is and to be honest there are two meanings that come to mind. I think it’s important to have meaning behind the name that you use. Having a cool name is pointless without some meaning behind it’s use.

The following are the two meanings behind our name:

  1. For the longest time it was very difficult for me to open up to others. I kept many things in that I should have talked to others about. To this day I have difficulties communicating what is going on with those that I am close with. It isn’t due to lack of effort. Without sounding pretentious or poetic I figured that after so long in the dark, it was time to let the light shine in. Because it was a major change in my life it’s no wonder it also influenced our name.
  2. Growing up, my family was neither well off nor barely scraping through. We had enough to get by, but like other families we struggled at times. Through it all we learned to appreciate what we had and help others whenever possible. We took semi-regular visits to Mexico to visit family and enjoy ourselves. While there I saw many families that were much less fortunate than us. Being around that had a major impact on who I grew up to be and the way I think. I still care and help others when I can. I’m not telling you this to boast about how good I am. It’s because I think we spend a lot of our time worrying about the latest trends and material wants that we forget that others out there are suffering. I am guilty of this too. There is a need to remind ourselves of the difficulties others face and spread the word that they need help. Our name is a way of bringing those issues into the light and to remind ourselves to step back, appreciate life, and help each other. This by far is the main meaning behind our name

Although we may be diverse in the work that we do and will continue to do in the future, the main core of who we are will stay the same. From that we will succeed. The largest redwood tree grew from a tiny acorn. The greatest things grow from the simplest of roots.


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