My name is Francisco J. Ramirez (aka Franky) and I’m the creator of Luminance Films | Photography. I have been working professionally in various parts of the entertainment industry such as film, radio, broadcasting, and live stream for the past few years. I have worked in different positions on various projects since I first began ranging from the hard working production assistant to director.

It’s tough and gets crazy but, I fully enjoy the work that I do. Film allows me to tell stories that I enjoy and share them with people. I’m very passionate about the video work that I am able to do. Broadcasting and live stream have allowed me to experience things and travel across the country. The story is the same for the other parts of the industry that I’ve been involved with.

Aside from the professional work, I keep busy doing other passions. Photography acts as form of relaxation and also practice to improve my videography. Travel is another big passion that I am lucky to do. I enjoy going to new places and having adventures. Automobiles are also a huge part of my life and keep me busy in various ways.

I created this site to showcase the work that I am apart of, share my projects, and to write about things that interest me. Enjoy the site. Should you have any business inquiries or any, feel free to contact us through email. Also, please leave me a comment on the website. I enjoy reading and responding to messages that are posted.


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Luminance Films | Photography

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