What to expect: October

October! Welcome back my friend. Just as people awaited your arrival due to the wonderful pumpkin spice-ness added to almost everything edible; I too await the exquisite treats that you have in store this month. Although, I must say that the treats of which I speak are not the food kind; they come in the form of new adventures and experiences. There are so many things happening this month that I want to share and I’ll add a small list below. I’ll also have a small summary explaining each. 
– Moving to a new apartment

– Vlogging

– Starting a production company with my friend and all that that entails 

– Photography (film/digital)
First, I am moving! It’s a bittersweet experience, although it is more sweet than bitter. After living three and a half years in my current home it is going to be hard leaving. The great thing about it is that I’ll be moving in with my girlfriend, which is exciting but I’m sure will present a few challenges for me given this is the first time I’m going to be living with someone. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like. 
Second, I’m going to begin vlogging and I suppose blogging more consistently. The main reason is that I found myself stuck creatively. I am someone who is comfortable behind the camera; that is after all what I want to do. However, I feel like vlogging will help me gain that confidence as well as open up more possibilities for me to be creative. The main point is that I want to be constantly creating new content. 
Okay here’s what I can tell you about the production company… It’s a production company focused on creating short form content for companies of all levels. The main reason for that is because a lot of visual content now a days is short in length making it easily digestible for the viewers. I can not go into too much detail about anything besides that. I’m really excited to be working on this with my partner. 
Finally, I will explain my photography adventures. I want to go out and Find new and interesting places to shoot. Mainly I want to just explore the area that I am moving to while bringing along my film and digital camera. Actually, I think this ties into my vlogging/blogging because every new adventure will either have a write up or video to go with it. Photography is a great hobby and it is the closest I can get to my work without it being work. When I say that I mean that you can better your videography by doing photography and keep it apart from each other so that you don’t take it too seriously. You have the ability to be free and experiment with new things before implementing them in your professional work. That’s not always the case and you might have a different opinion, but that is just my take on it. I’ve also been trying out more film photography which is going to be primarily what I will report on. I find that it’s been teaching me to be precise with what I include in my frame. 
So you can expect all that and more this month. I hope it turns out to be as great as I feel that it is going to be. Sit back, relax, and enjoy with your favorite pumpkin flavored beverage. 


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